Appoint The Integrity Coordinator as you external integrity coordinator!

An external integrity coordinator:
Experienced, independent and reliable.

Why an integrity coordinator?

The new Whistleblower Protection Act enforces that organisations must appoint an independent person or department to receive whistleblower reports and someone to follow up on the reports. These two roles can be combined! We call this role the integrity coordinator.

It is often difficult to find someone within the organisation who can fulfil this role properly and is also fully independent. It is difficult to be fully independent and objective when reports are submitted about your colleagues. Therefore it makes sense to appoint us as an experienced, external integrity coordinator.

What we do for you:

Why us?

In the past, many organisations chose to use a confidential counsellor as their integrity coordinator. We strongly advise against this. After all, in our opinion, personal advice to the reporter should be separated from the independent receipt of a report and investigation into the matter.

The Whistleblower Protection Act has mostly come into force on the 18th of February. We advise you to act quickly if you do not yet comply with the legislation.