Organizations should stimulate whistleblowers to submit reports, because they benefit from this. Therefore the whistleblowing procedure should be easy to find and easy to use.

The Integrity Coordinator often comes across procedures that are quite complicated and almost require a law degree to thoroughly understand them. This is not necessary at all.

The standard whistleblowing procedure of The Integrity Coordinator consists of a short, easy to understand procedure with references to an extensive procedure. We conclude with a link to an external web page where a report can be submitted or where you can find a telephone number that can be used.

As soon as a report is submitted, the investigation procedure will enter into force.

It is therefore important to have an investigation procedure in place before the first report is submitted. Appoint us as your external, independent coordinator of the whistleblowing procedure. We will then provide you with a custom made reporting procedure and investigations protocol. In The Netherlands, both the whistleblowing procedure and the investigation procedure have to be approved by the Works Council.

We can also help you communicate the whistleblowing procedure and train your employees. It is especially important for the management to know what they should or should not do when they receive a report.

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