For Ethics & Compliance Officers and Integrity Coordinators


This is an interactive course with plenty of opportunity to practice and for asking questions.

The topics:

  • Background of the Whistleblower Protection Act
  • The EU Directive and the Dutch Whistleblower Protection Act
  • The roles of adviser, reporting channel and (coordinator of) investigations
  • The benefits of a good speak-up culture
  • Good practices
  • Coordinating investigations
  • Interview skills

Target audience

  • Ethics & Compliance Officers
  • Integrity Coordinators
  • Whistleblowing Reporting Officers
  • Confidential counselors who want to know more about the new legislation

Besides that, the course can also be interesting for HR-Managers, Auditors and Investigators

Date, time and location

The next Dutch language course will take place on Wednesday September 27.

The program will consist of two parts from 09.00 till 12.45 and from 13.15-17.00.

Would you rather attend an online or English language training?
An English language webinar training on the EU Directive, the Dutch Whistleblower protection act and the good practices is being planned. You can fill in the form below and indicate in the comments section that you would like to attend the English language webinar training. This training will be conducted by Geert Vermeulen.

The training will take place in Utrecht under the condition that the minimum number of participants is reached. You will be notified about this at least 10 days in advance. The trainers are Geert Vermeulen and Nicole Pikkemaat (see below).


€595 (ex VAT), including sandwiches for lunch and a drink afterwards.

€395 (ex VAT) for the English language webinar training.

About the teachers

Geert Vermeulen is an experienced ethics & compliance professional. He has been the Chief Compliance Officer at two multinationals, where he coordinated hundreds of whistleblower reports. He is the former chairman of the Dutch Compliance Officers Association and regularly writes and speaks on compliance and integrity. In 2020, he received the National Compliance Award. Shortly thereafter, he founded De Integriteitscoördinator/The Integrity Coordinator, an external coordinator of whistleblower procedures. Geert also wrote the first draft of the brochure ‘Internal Investigations’ for the Dutch Whistleblowing Authority.

Nicole Pikkemaat
Nicole Pikkemaat is an experienced trainer and consultant in the field of workplace management. Her ‘drive’ is to contribute to a safe and healthy working environment, where it is pleasant for everyone to work. Nicole is a certified (external) confidential advisor and trainer/advisor in the field of Work & Health. She is also a member of the editorial board ‘Work and Safety’ and author of several publications and articles on this topic. She goes everywhere for her work, working with many organisations. There is always mission work to be done in the field of working conditions, (un)desired behaviour, psychosocial workload, work pressure/stress and working hours. During this training, Nicole will discuss the role of the confidential advisor and explain it using examples.

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The course will be provided in the Dutch language. Please indicate in the comments section if you prefer to participate in an online training or an English language training; this is also possible.

More and more often we also provide custom-made in-house training. You can also indicate that you are interested in this in the contact form below.