The Parliamentary Committee for the Ministry of the Interior  has asked the new Minister if she has any new views on the Whistleblower Protection Act. Will the current proposal remain the same? Meanwhile, the European directive is slowly but surely entering into force, not only in the Netherlands but also in the other EU-countries.

In our last newsletter we noted that Minister Ollongren submitted a couple changes to the proposed bill on the 17th of December 2021, just before the European deadline. On the 13th of January a session of the Parliamentary Committee for the Ministry of the Interior took place. Meanwhile, a new government has taken office. This is also the reason why new Minister Bruins Slot has been asked if she has any new insights. Is she planning on leaving the bill unchanged? Or is a new proposal coming, not just implementing the new European directive, but also taking into consideration the evaluation of the old House for Whistleblowers Act? In February the new Minister indicated that she is prepared to discuss this further with parliament.

During the session it was repeated that most EU-countries have also not yet implemented the new directive. However, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia and Cyprus have now added themselves to the list of countries that have, next to Denmark, Sweden and Portugal.

The EU-directive applied to the public sector from 17 December nonetheless. Many organisations working in the public field are therefore hurrying the implementation of their adapted whistleblower policy. Some of the designated authorities have also created the proper external reporting channels.

You can already start work on the new bill, even if you are working in the private sector! Read our article about 7 tips for your speak-up procedure.